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Рейтинг каталога сайтов Хмельницкого региона

Descendants of Koshytsi-Svitlyns'ky family.
 Board is quarterly with escutcheon in the middle. The echutcheon: azure, argent chief-pall reversed accompanied:
 in the dexter by an or shining rising sun;
 in the sinister by argent half moon wrapped up by horns to the right;
 in the base by argent skull laying on crossed argent bones.
 The first quarter of the main board: vair papelonny, two argent fishes in pale wrapped up to each other, barry three times by azure.
 The second quarter: per fess by vair papelonny and sable, two abaised argent barrulets.
 The third: sable, the sitting John Evangelist who has been wrapped up to the left; in the argent canton breaking through is the argent alchemical sign on zinc.
 The fourth: vair papelonny, sable harpy armed with or and crowned by an argent crown.
 The crest: argent knight helmet. Above it is a sable cobra with a hood, ready to fight, placed between two sable wings and two horns per pale by azure and argent. The wreath is azure-and-white.
 Under a board are chains of domestic awards of Eternal Service and Great Flanks.
 Tenants: the hoopoe armed by or and meramaid crowned by azure and white flowers.
 The mantle azure, padded by ermine.
 The motto is: "Forsum ultra dorsum" - "Force behind a back".
Image on site V.Napytkin.

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