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The modern emblem
It was confirmed in June, 23d, 2011 by the decision #263 of VI region council session of VI convocation.
Vert with chief triangular, base Sable, separated by fess Azure broken in five fractures, and pale Azure. On the chief is tower Or with four prongs and opened gate, in it is seven-rays cross Argent. On the pale is hall tower Argent, on the base are three ears Or in the form of a trident. The shield is enframed by decorative cartouche Or with the branches of oak and lime and a bunch of viburnum down. On the bottom of Cartouche are words "Buchats'ky lands." Tower with four prongs symbolizes Buchats'ky, Yazlovets'kyi, Zolotopotots'kyi and Pidzamochkovs'kyi castles. Cross means emblem of Potots'kyi family, the founders of many architectural edge. Fess like the letter "W" is emblem Abdank, of ancient family Buchats'kyi's. Buchach town hall is monument to baroque architecture. Azure water symbolizes the Dniester, Strypa and Baryshka rivers. Vert represents forest. Three ears in the form of a trident is a symbol of productivity and agriculture. Sable is symbol of land. Viburnum in the middle is symbol of the victory of the Ukrainian people from the time of the Cossacks and soldiers of Ukrainian Insurgent Army. Oak branch means struggle, lime branch means 600-years "Golden lime," the witness important historical events.
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