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The transitive pendant "For the best military unit of the Land Forces of Ukrainian army"
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The transitive pendant "For the best military unit of the Land Forces of Ukrainian army"
The rewarding of the Minister of Defence of Ukraine transitive pendant occurs according to Regulation about transitive pendants, approved by the order of Minister of Defence of Ukraine in March, 2nd, 2006. According to Regulation, transitive pendants "For the best military unit of the Land Forces of Ukrainian army", "For the best military unit of Air Forces of Ukrainian army", "For the best military unit of the Naval Forces of Ukrainain army" are handed over to the best military units of army according to results of academic year.
Delivery of transitive pendants is carried out according to the order of Minister of Defence of Ukraine. The Minister hands over pendant personally in solemn environment. During an academic year it is kept together with the Battle flag of the unit. In alignment the place of a pendant is after Battle flag. To the pendant appoint the officer and two assistants from sergeants.
The project of a transitive pendants was developed by experts of military symbolics and heraldry department of the headquarter led by Olexander Muraviov.
The transitive pendant is a panel in the form of the extended pentagon with parallel lateral sides. Colors of panels are different: for the Land Forces - crimson; Air Forces - blue; Naval Forces - white. The bottom edge near a panel looks is like a obtuse angle. The sizes of a panel are: height - 75cm., width - 50cm.
On the face side is the equipotential crimson cross with missing parties; on it is stylized image of crossed mice and a sword by an edge upwards. In the center of a cross on the dark blue round medallion is Tryzyb. The parties of a cross, medallion, mice and sword are yellow. Below are two yellow crossed laurel branches. On the back panels is inscription "For the best military unit of the Land Forces (Air Forces) of Ukrainian army" by yellow letters (on the Naval Forces pendant by dark blue letters). The parties of a transitive pendant, except for the top edge, are decorated by gold fringes.
The staff is brown wooden. A top of a staff is arrow from yellow metal, in its center is the image of Ukrainain army emblem. The pendant is attached to the staff top by a cord connected with wooden shank, inserted into the top part of a panel.
Image on site V.Napytkin.

Військово-історичний альманах. - К.: Центральний музей Збройних Сил України, 2006 - Число 12. - 160 с.  See

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