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The modern emblem
It was confirmed in July, 12th, 2012 by the decision #3 of XIV region council session of VI convocation.
Per fess and in base per pale. Azure; falcon or seats on vessel or with a rock neck or, from which pours down the water flow azure with reflections of waves argent. Water flow is restricted on both sides by stone walls argent. Purple; on the hill or are five corn stalks or. Vert; on the waves or is pumping station argent with windows or. On bottom of field is a mechanical screw water pump argent, which crosses three waves or. The shield is framed by a decorative cartouche. The lower part of the cartouche on each side is decorated by ear of wheat and a laurel branch or, in the bottom of cartouche is arising mechanical wheel or. The emblem is crowned by stylized crown, composed from basis azure on which it is placed floral or pattern, and sheaves of corn or, between which are the spring water azure. On the ribbon azure is inscription or "Snihurivs'kyi region".
Falcon represents the spiritual element of man-creator: strength, will, pride and victory, inspiration and hope. He also reminded of the existence in the nature reserve - botanical parks and sanctuaries "Krymky", "Elyzavetivka", "Loschyna", "Afanasiivka", "Ivano-kepyno". Falcon is looking to the east, highlighting the location of the district in the east of the oblast'.
Vessel or with a neck argent and azure water flow, which is limited by stone wall argent, symbolizes the artificially created Ingulets'kyi irrigation system. Hill or on purple reminiscent the population of the district in ancient Scythian period. Hill with wheat reminds of the first settlers of the Mohylivs'ka province, the ancient emblem of which contains the same three hill and ears. The Belarusian village Snyhiri gave the name of the new settlement.
Sheaves of ears on the crown emphasize the agrarian economy of a region - growing crops. Stylized blue fountains reminiscent the sources of natural mineral water.
The author is I.Yanushkevych.
Image on site V.Napytkin.

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