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The authentic certificate on existence of city is known since 1429. It was village proprietor Dychko. Its descendant Ivashko Dychko Vasyl'ovych has sold city at 1461 to prince Semen Nesvyts'kyi. After death of prince at 1479 his widow Maria began to name itself princess of Rivne, has decided to equip Rivne and to transform it into city. On island she has built the wooden castle, equipped with guns, and church. In the end of ХV century for new city the grand-ducal privilege on the Magdebourg right is received. In 1518 the city has passed to Ostroz'ky, with 1620 - to Zamois'ky, and with 1642 became property Konecpol's'ky. On a city stemp at 1642 was Leliva - a half moon, and above it is a star. Military actions and fires have resulted in beginning XVIII century in decline of city. At 1732 Rivne passes to Lubomyrs'ky. In 1778 the city has received the royal privilege on realization of annual fair.
During second half XIX century population of city has increased with 3 up to 25 thousand. In 1930th the city council Rivne did attempts to restore the old arms.

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